PartMC  2.6.1
Input File Format: Diameter Axis Bin Grid

Read the specification for a radius bin_grid from a spec file.

[in,out]fileSpec file.
[in,out]bin_gridRadius bin grid.

The diameter bin grid is logarithmic, consisting of $n_{\rm bin}$ bins with centers $c_i$ ( $i = 1,\ldots,n_{\rm bin}$) and edges $e_i$ ( $i = 1,\ldots,(n_{\rm bin} + 1)$) such that $e_{i+1}/e_i$ is a constant and $c_i/e_i = \sqrt{e_{i+1}/e_i}$. That is, $\ln(e_i)$ are uniformly spaced and $\ln(c_i)$ are the arithmetic centers.

The diameter axis bin grid is specified by the parameters:

  • n_bin (integer): The number of bins $n_{\rm bin}$.
  • d_min (real, unit m): The left edge of the left-most bin, $e_1$.
  • d_max (real, unit m): The right edge of the right-most bin, $e_{n_{\rm bin} + 1}$.

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