PartMC  2.6.1
Input File Format: Environment State

Read environment specification from a spec file.

[in,out]fileSpec file.
[in,out]env_stateEnvironment data.

The environment parameters are divided into those specified at the start of the simulation and then either held constant or computed for the rest of the simulation, and those parameters given as prescribed profiles for the entire simulation duration. The variables below are for the first type — for the prescribed profiles see Input File Format: Scenario.

The environment state is specified by the parameters:

  • rel_humidity (real, dimensionless): the relative humidity (0 is completely unsaturated and 1 is fully saturated)
  • latitude (real, unit degrees_north): the latitude of the simulation location
  • longitude (real, unit degrees_east): the longitude of the simulation location
  • altitude (real, unit m): the altitude of the simulation location
  • start_time (real, unit s): the time-of-day of the start of the simulation (in seconds past midnight)
  • start_day (integer): the day-of-year of the start of the simulation (starting from 1 on the first day of the year)

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