PartMC  2.6.1
Input File Format: Gas State

Read gas state from the file named on the line read from file.

[in,out]fileFile to read gas state from.
[in]gas_dataGas data.
[in,out]gas_stateGas data to read.

A gas state input file must consist of one line per gas species, with each line having the species name followed by the species mixing ratio in ppb (parts per billion). The valid species names are those specfied by the Input File Format: Gas Material Data file, but not all species have to be listed. Any missing species will have mixing ratios of zero. For example, a gas state file could contain:

 # gas  mixing ratio (ppb)
 H2SO4  0
 HNO3   1
 HCl    0.7
 NH3    0.5

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