PartMC  2.6.1
Input File Format: Type of aerosol size distribution weighting functions.

Read the specification for a weighting type from a spec file.

[in,out]fileSpec file.
[out]weighting_typeAerosol weighting scheme.
[out]exponentExponent for power-law weighting (only used if weight_type is AERO_STATE_WEIGHT_POWER).

The weighting function is specified by the parameters:

  • weight_type (string): the type of weighting function — must be one of: flat for flat weighting, flat_source for flat weighting by source, power for power weighting, power_source for power source weighting, nummass for number and mass weighting, and nummass_source for number and mass weighting by source. If weight_type is power or power_source then the next parameter must also be provided:
    • weighting_exponent (real): the exponent for power or power_source. Setting the exponent to 0 is equivalent to no weighting, while setting the exponent negative uses more computational particles at larger diameters and setting the exponent positive uses more computaitonal partilces at smaller diameters; in practice exponents between 0 and -3 are most useful.

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