PartMC  2.6.1
Output File Format

PartMC output files are in the NetCDF Classic Format (also known as NetCDF-3 format). The dimensions and variables in the files will depend on the type of run (particle, analytical solution, etc), and options in the spec file (e.g. record_removals and do_optical).

The state of the simulation is periodically output during the run, with frequency determined by the t_output input parameter. Each output file has a filename of the form, where PREFIX is given by the output_prefix input parameter, RRRR is the four-digit repeat number (starting from 1), and SSSSSSSS is the eight-digit output index (starting at 1 and incremented each time the state is output). For exact and sectional simulations all repeats would be identical so there is no support for repeating and the filename is of the format

If run in parallel and output_type is central or dist, then the output files have names like, where PPPP is a four-digit process number (starting from 1) and the other variables are as above. If output_type is single then the output file naming scheme as the same as for serial runs.

The data in each output file comes in several different groups, as follows:

General Information

Environment State

Gas Material Data

Gas State

Aerosol Material Data

Aerosol Particle State (only for particle-resolved simulations)

Aerosol Particle Removal Information (only for particle-resolved simulations, if record_removals is yes)

Aerosol Weighting Function (only for particle-resolved simulations)

Diameter Bin Grid Data (only for exact and sectional simulations)

Aerosol Binned Sectional State (only for exact and sectional simulations)