PartMC  2.6.1
Output File Format: Diameter Bin Grid Data

The aerosol diameter bin grid data NetCDF dimensions are:

  • aero_diam: number of bins (grid cells) on the diameter axis
  • aero_diam_edges: number of bin edges (grid cell edges) on the diameter axis — always equal to aero_diam + 1

The aerosol diameter bin grid data NetCDF variables are:

  • aero_diam (unit m, dim aero_diam): aerosol diameter axis bin centers — centered on a logarithmic scale from the edges, so that aero_diam(i) / aero_diam_edges(i) = sqrt(aero_diam_edges(i+1) / aero_diam_edges(i))
  • aero_diam_edges (unit m, dim aero_diam_edges): aersol diameter axis bin edges (there is one more edge than center)
  • aero_diam_widths (dimensionless, dim aero_diam): the base-e logarithmic bin widths — aero_diam_widths(i) = ln(aero_diam_edges(i+1) / aero_diam_edges(i)), so all bins have the same width

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