PartMC  2.6.1
Output File Format: Environment State

Write full state.

[in]env_stateEnvironment state to write.
[in]ncidNetCDF file ID, in data mode.

The environment state NetCDF variables are:

  • temperature (unit K): current air temperature
  • relative_humidity (dimensionless): current air relative humidity (value of 1 means completely saturated)
  • pressure (unit Pa): current air pressure
  • longitude (unit degrees_east): longitude of simulation location
  • latitude (unit degrees_north): latitude of simulation location
  • altitude (unit m): altitude of simulation location
  • start_time_of_day (unit s): time-of-day of the simulation start measured in seconds after midnight UTC
  • start_day_of_year: day-in-year number of the simulation start (starting from 1 on the first day of the year)
  • elapsed_time (unit s): elapsed time since the simulation start
  • solar_zenith_angle (unit radians): current angle from the zenith to the sun
  • height (unit m): current boundary layer mixing height

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