PartMC  2.6.1
Output File Format: General Information

Write the current state for a single process. Do not call this subroutine directly, but rather call output_state().

[in]prefixPrefix of state file.
[in]aero_dataAerosol data.
[in]aero_stateAerosol state.
[in]gas_dataGas data.
[in]gas_stateGas state.
[in]env_stateEnvironment state.
[in]indexFilename index.
[in]timeCurrent time (s).
[in]del_tCurrent timestep (s).
[in]i_repeatCurrent repeat number.
[in]record_removalsWhether to output particle removal info.
[in]record_opticalWhether to output aerosol optical properties.
[in]uuidUUID of the simulation.
[in]write_rankRank to write into file.
[in]write_n_procNumber of processes to write into file.

The general information global NetCDF attributes are:

  • title: always set to the string "PartMC version V.V.V output file" where V.V.V is the PartMC version that created the file
  • source: set to the string "PartMC version V.V.V"
  • UUID: a string of the form F47AC10B-58CC-4372-A567-0E02B2C3D479 which is the same for all files generated by a single call of PartMC.
  • Conventions: set to the string "CF-1.4", indicating compliance with the CF convention format
  • history: set to the string "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[+-]ZZ:zz created by PartMC version V.V.V" where the first term is the file creation time in the ISO 8601 format. For example, noon Pacific Standard Time (PST) on February 1st, 2000 would be written 2000-02-01T12:00:00-08:00. The date and time variables are:
    • YYYY: four-digit year
    • MM: two-digit month number
    • DD: two-digit day within month
    • T: literal "T" character
    • hh: two-digit hour in 24-hour format
    • mm: two-digit minute
    • ss: two-digit second
    • [+-]: a literal "+" or "-" character giving the time zone offset sign
    • ZZ: two-digit hours of the time zone offset from UTC
    • zz: two-digit minutes of the time zone offset from UTC

The general information NetCDF variables are:

  • time (unit s): time elapsed since the simulation start time, as specified in the Output File Format: Environment State section
  • timestep (unit s): the current timestep size
  • repeat: the repeat number of this simulation (starting from 1)
  • timestep_index: an integer that is 1 on the first timestep, 2 on the second timestep, etc.
  • process (MPI only): the process number (starting from 1) that output this data file
  • total_processes (MPI only): the total number of processes involved in writing data (may be less than the total number of processes that computed the data)