Matthew West

Decomposition contact response (DCR) for explicit finite element dynamics

F. Cirak and M. West

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 64(8), 1078-1110, 2005.

We propose a new explicit contact algorithm for finite element discretized solids and shells with smooth and non-smooth geometries. The equations of motion are integrated in time with a predictor-corrector-type algorithm. After each predictor step, the impenetrability constraints and the exchange of momenta between the impacting bodies are considered and enforced independently. The geometrically inadmissible penetrations are removed using closest point projections or similar updates. Penetration is measured using the signed volume of intersection described by the contacting surface elements, which is well-defined for both smooth and non-smooth geometries. For computing the instantaneous velocity changes that occur during the impact event, we introduce the decomposition contact response method. This enables the closed-form solution of the jump equations at impact, and applies to non-frictional as well as frictional contact, as exemplified by the Coulomb frictional model. The overall algorithm has excellent momentum and energy conservation characteristics, as several numerical examples demonstrate.

DOI: 10.1002/nme.1400

Full text: CiWe2005.pdf