Matthew West

Coordinating college-wide instructional change through faculty communities

G. L. Herman, L. Hahn, and M. West

in Proceedings of the ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE 2015), IMECE2015-51549, 2015.

In February 2012, the College of Engineering created the Strategic Instructional Initiatives Program (SIIP) to transform and revitalize the core engineering courses at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As SIIP has evolved, we have learned that in order to achieve these goals, we must first focus on creating collaborative teaching cultures. This effort has sparked the rapid spread of Research-Based Instructional Strategies across the college and created a thriving community of faculty invested in improving undergraduate instruction. In this paper, we describe the current policies and procedures that we use to direct SIIP. In particular, we will focus on the structure of the leadership team and how we have fostered deep collaborations among faculty developers, education researchers, and engineering faculty. We conclude by presenting an evaluation of the program.

DOI: 10.1115/IMECE2015-51549

Full text: HeHaWe2015.pdf