Matthew West

Polynomial level-set method for polynomial system reachable set estimation

T.-C. Wang, S. Lall, and M. West

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 58(10), 2508-2521, 2013.

In this paper, we present a polynomial level-set method for advecting a semi-algebraic set for polynomial systems. This method uses the sub-level representation of sets. The problem of flowing these sets under the advection map of a dynamical system is converted to a semi-definite program, which is then used to compute the coefficients of the polynomials. The method presented in this paper does not require either the sets being positively invariant or star-shaped. Hence, the proposed algorithm can describe the behavior of system states both inside and outside the domain of attraction and can also be used to describe more complex shapes of sets. We further address the related problems of constraining the degree of the polynomials. Various numerical examples are presented to show the effectiveness of advection approach.

DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2013.2263916

Full text: WaLaWe2013.pdf