Matthew West

Student behavior in selecting an exam time in a computer-based testing facility

C. Zilles, M. West, and D. Mussulman

in Proceedings of the 123rd American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition (ASEE 2016), Paper ID #16655, 2016.

A Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF) can provide students flexibility regarding when they take exams. By analyzing the data from the service that students used to schedule their exams, we can learn about student preferences and behaviors regarding their exam times. This paper explores the exam times that students choose, when students make and change their reservations, and the correlation between when students choose to take exams and their exam performance. Among our results, we find that students prefer to take exams in late afternoon/early evening towards the end of the exam period. In addition, we find that students frequently re-schedule when they take exams; 42% of reservations are later canceled/rescheduled. Finally, we find that there is a correlation between how early in the exam period a student takes an exam and their score on the exam.

DOI: 10.18260/p.25896

Full text: ZiWeMu2016.pdf