PartMC  2.6.1
Input File Format: Fractal Data

Read fractal specification from a spec file.

[in,out]fileSpec file.
[in,out]fractalFractal parameters.

The fractal parameters are all held constant for the simulation, and they are the same for all the particles.

The fractal data file is specified by the parameters:

  • frac_dim $d_{\rm f}$ (real, dimensionless): the fractal dimension (3 for spherical and less than 3 for agglomerate)
  • prime_radius $R_0$ (real, unit m): radius of primary particles
  • vol_fill_factor $f$ (real, dimensionless): the volume filling factor which accounts for the fact that even in a most closely packed structure the spherical monomers can occupy only 74% of the available volume (1 for compact structure)

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