PartMC  2.6.1
Output File Format: Aerosol Weighting Functions

Write full aero_weight_array.

[in]aero_weight_arrayAero weight array to write.
[in]ncidNetCDF file ID, in data mode.

The aerosol weighting function NetCDF dimensions are:

  • aero_weight_group: number of aerosol weighting groups
  • aero_weight_class: number of aerosol weighting classes

The aerosol weighting function NetCDF variables are:

  • weight_type (no unit, dim aero_weight): the type of each weighting function, with 0 = invalid weight, 1 = no weight ( $w(D) = 1$), 2 = power weight ( $w(D) = (D/D_0)^\alpha$), 3 = MFA weight ( $w(D) = (D/D_0)^{-3}$)
  • weight_magnitude (unit m^{-3}, dim aero_weight): the number concentration magnitude associated with each weighting function
  • weight_exponent (no unit, dim aero_weight): for each weighting function, specifies the exponent $\alpha$ for the power weight_type, the value -3 for the MFA weight_type, and zero for any other weight_type